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I bought the lifecard after watching some reviews on it. It’s small, light, and stores extra rounds just in case! The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because I think the company could make all the polymer aluminum or some light weight metal that has less of a chance breaking if you sit down on it, or offer a separate lower you can buy and add on if someone was looking to make it a little more durable.


I picked my new Lifecard .22WMR a few days ago. The fit and finish is very good. The folding handle opens easily and locks in place solidly, both open and closed. The barrel also opens easily and locks in place solidly. The trigger has zero slack or takeup and has a crisp release at 4.75 to 5 pounds. The firing spring is stout and requires a bit of force to cock. I’m looking forward to shooting this new gun. I’ll post another review one I get to the range.

Mark Beam

I started off with a 22 long rifle lifecard and wound up purchasing threaded 22 long rifle upper and then sent a gun in to have a 22 magnum upper installed. Certainly a fun gun to shoot and kind of like an Erector Set where you can change it around to suit whatever you want to do. I believe the 22 magnum could certainly be considered a defensive round. It’s a well-made Well thought-out product.

John Bell

Its an awesome gun for concealed carry. Very good design, solidly made . Great for EDC better than nothing for back-up defense. A++++

Ronald Perez

I keep mine in my wallet love it very discreet

Samuel Duckett

I’ve been following this gun for a while. When it came to us locally…I bought it. I carry H&Ks, Smiths you name it. But the life card is just plain KOOL. Slip it into my pocket and I feel good…Single Malt Scotch, a nice cigar and my Life Card.

Angel Dominguez

This is my second one I’ve purchased. Glad to finally have purchased the 22 WMR version. If I’m gonna throw a rock at a giant, I want it to be the biggest rock possible. Such a neat well designed well built firearm!!!!


Travis Matthews

I am able to carry my 22mag places that I could not before.

Reggie Davidson

I bought my Lifecard as a solution for a back up to the back up plan. The small scale, yet power it carries, is so valuable, all while fitting discreetly into one’s pocket.


When a lawful duty assignment requires one to be armed in a surreptitious manner, the one and only instrument choice for that purpose is the Life-Card. I prefer the .22 WMR model.


I really like my Trailblazer! I bought one of the first models, then later sent it back to be outfitted with the 22 magnum barrel. Even though it is one shot at a time, it gives me a secure feeling to have a great backup gun I can fit in my watch pocket on my jeans. A great little pistol that looks like a cell phone!


This lil carry gun may not win a gun battle ,However it could be a life saver in a pinch.I usually have it in my pocket (dont even know its there) Great addition to the XDS45 I carry.

David Blasky

Bought the 22lr. Thought about the 22 mag barrel, but what fun is it to swap barrels. Then finally a 22 mag model. Bought one of those also. Problem solved. I’ve shot both, no problems and fun to shoot. The mag is in my fly fishing vest. Love them both.

Tom Brown

The quality and engineering is perfect. Extremely well designed. I recommend to coat the extra ammo container with rubber so it doesn’t rattle. I no longer have to worry about printing when in public. A case that utilizes the lanyard hole to lock in place would be appreciated. A retractable tether that clips on to a belt loop would be nice too. A perfect EDC gun.

Jeffrey Stuart

I can’t say enough good things about the Lifecard. It’s my constant companion and I wouldn’t be without it. It’s fired every ammo I’ve given it flawlessly and I know that if I ever need it, it won’t let me down. It’s even surprisingly accurate and could be of use in a shtf scenario. Honestly, it’s the perfect “ultimate concealment” weapon.

Tom Hughes

I purchased a .22 caliber, took it to my indoor range and fired it at a target 50 feet away. I wasn’t sure if I could hit the target but after firing all 5 rounds they hit the target. Not the most accurate at that distance but will defend oneself. I use JHP bullets to cause damage if it needs to be engaged!!

Robert Miller

Preordered the Tequila Sunrise WMR and it arrived super quickly! Tried it out that weekend and it’s definitely fun to shoot. Takes some getting used to, but I love that it’s smaller than my phone even.


I purchased my .22 mag lifecard on a whim and was pleasantly surprised at the very high level of build quality. It’s very sturdy and once unfolded fits my large hands perfectly. I didn’t think I would carry it very much but it’s so concealable and easily to carry that I have done everyday since I bought it. I would definitely recommend it to friends

Anthony Roe

Carrying a firearm at all times can be sometimes difficult, however, now there is no excuse. The Lifecard makes carrying a pistol as easy as carrying your keys in your pocket. Remember this, it’s better to be armed with something than nothing.


Will preface my review by acknowledging I did not purchase mine (22wmr), won it inn a contest. Great concept, highly concealable, well made! .Have had 2 issues: have to push forward on the trigger when cocking, otherwise it will not catch (unsure if this in by design or a quality issue). When firing, unable to easily extract the case, have only tried CCI Minimags so could be the ammo, but had to use a then run to push out the case.

Matt H

Innovative concept, perfect size, I carry it with me everywhere ! Unfortunately mine has QC issues- anodizing problems( missing spot from factory), also supposedly black, but has grey splotches from probably earlier different color batch-for the money should be perfect!

Flaviu S

I was a bit apprehensive about it before I got it because I thought the hinge to open and close the gun would not last. Boy was I wrong I have probably put over 500 rounds through it with zero issues. My only complaint is that the bullet storage compartment is too big for what fits inside there so there is room for the extra rounds to rattle around while im carrying. Other than that the build quality is top notch. I have the 22LR version figured after enough rounds with 22 neighbors probably have enough so steered clear of the WMR. Otherwise A+ from me I am a happy customer.

Jane Bit

I have a Lifecard in .22 WMR, and the best part about it is how unobtrusive it is. There is no reason to NOT have it on you, even when wearing shorts. The mechanism is still nice and smooth, and shoots the .22 magnum with fun and ease. When I first bought my Lafecaard, I had a bottle of 500 rounds and was surprised when I shot half of it in one afternoon. Such a small weapon with a potent caliber can actually be hard on your hand, but the grip of the Lifecard is very comfortable. I recently acquired a spare barrel in .22lr with a threaded end for my suppressor, and it is just as fun to shoot .22lr as it is with .22 WMR.


I purchased a Lifecard about a year ago and was disappointed at the difficulty in opening the grip. Being a machinist I discovered there was a small burr on one side of the latch. I took a needle file to it and it is now much easier to open the grip. It actually can be accomplished by sliding only one side of the serrated latch set..

Earl D Harris