Perfect Size!

I love my LifeCard 22lr. The small size and shape are perfect for every day carry. I would love to have others for my glove box and tackle box as backups.


Absolutely Cool!

These guns are so cool love to get one but hard times with this crazy virus out there so work is tight but if i ever got a chance i will absolutely get one.

Robert Buzza

Pocket Spy Gun!

I do not own one as yet, I have fired one before that belongs to a friend , exceptional little weapon , totally concealable & effective short range , it has a useful place

Guy Davidc

About Us

In 2010, we came up with this crazy idea to make a pistol that could fit in the smallest of places (including popular mint candy tins) based on an online article about building compact survival/utility kits. That moment of inspiration led us to talk with many people from collectors to serious gun enthusiasts and they all liked the idea, simply because it was different. After 7 years, LifeCard is finally a reality, but we’re just getting started.

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Buy trailblazer lifecard online from us at good price Despite this pistol’s small size, it still features a full-size handle when unfolded. This allows better aim and grip. Additionally, the handle has storage room for three rounds, providing four shots when needed. Even better, the controls are ambidextrous, so both right- and left-handed shooters can use this gun.

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Regarding safety, which is always a concern, the LifeCard comes with built-in safety features that prevent it from firing unless pulling the trigger. This includes when the gun is folded. The first safety is a half-cock, which allows the gun to be stored and loaded. The second is a trigger pocket built into the frame that completely covers the pistol when folded. Additionally, the handled cannot be closed if the gun is in the cocked position.

Trailblazer lifecard for sale near me online

Trailblazer will be spotlighting the LifeCard at the 2019 SHOT Show. However, the company is already shipping units to distributors. So, shooters can already get their hands on this gun that fills the void between EDC and vermin eradication.

The Trailblazer LifeCard is certainly an interesting and unique design. Its usefulness will certainly be up to the end user. For some, it’s a gimmick, or a solution looking for a problem. To others, it may solve a problem only they have. Regardless, it’s an interesting design and it’s nice to see something new and interesting in the crowded small gun market.